TikTok for everyone (shortly for parents and millennials)

Chances are you may have heard there’s a smartphone app named TikTok, however may not know what it is or does. But, if you’ve recently seen a youth dancing, miming or lip syncing on a smartphone, you likely have your answer.

“TikTok is one of the most popular apps on the face of the world,” says WTOP tech guy Gregg Stebben.
“It’s just a place where millions of people have place billions of very short, very entertaining videos, between 15seconds and a minute long.”

“You may see some dancing. You might see some singing. You might see some karaoke. You might see some lip syncing, a joke, and some storytelling — typically in cars — practical jokes, memes, and I should warn you, sometimes some very strong language,” said Stebben.

As with many apps that quickly become popular, youth are providing the impetus. Tik Tok users are supposed to be 13; however the person with the phone is responsible for entering their age.

“It’s really good, wholesome fun. the sole thing missing is Bob Saget, host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, because in a way, it’s pretty much in that spirit,” said Stebben.

With vertical videos, the ability to choose music, funny filters, and other creation tools, TikTok skews young — for now.
“The age gap will decrease. As people outside of teens and millennials become exposed and start watching for themselves, of course the teens and millennials will leave and go somewhere else,” Stebben said.

Users don’t have to create an account to watch videos on phones, tablets or computers, however they do need to create an account to comment or post videos.

Eventually, like Snapchat, Stebben expects there’ll be advertising potential for brands trying to engage with a younger, mobile audience.