How To Remove Tagged Photos From Instagram Profile

Instagram looks very beautiful and now people are using it to socialize with each other through pictures. Those who want to show their photos to maximum people, they buy Instagram followers from the company which offers affordable packages.

Like Facebook, you can also tag the photos on Instagram. Your friends can tag you in their photos similar to Facebook so that the photos can be displayed in your profile as well. For those who want to share their photos with the world, it is an extraordinary feature.

However, there are some people who do not want others to see  their photos which their friends add. For those, there is a simple and quick way to remove a tag and there is also a feature which they can set if they want no photos will appear on their profile.

Like Facebook, you get notification when you are tagged in a photo and tag photos are added on your profile page. Luckily there is an option where you can hide the photos and delete tags.